Dear readers, despite our commitment, Eutopia Magazine is forced to suspend its publications due to a lack of funds. Our adventure comes to an end for the moment but we hope Eutopia’s journey will resume soon. All our articles will still be available for reading. Thank you for having supported Eutopia until now.

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The European Institute of the London School of Economics (LSE)

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The aim of this magazine is to create a place for European citizens to analyse the issues most relevant to their futures and openly debate them with the most authoritative voices in each field. Issues which have been central to the recent European elections: from immigration to welfare, from education to party systems and the relation between market and state. Together with the issue of the month, the magazine publishes a visual portfolio by eminent photographers. There are also historical reflections and essays on the culture and distinctive identity of Europe. 



The magazine, which is available for free, addresses a cultivated and motivated public yet not a specialised one: people who read books regularly, buy national dailies, make frequent use of the Internet and, in general, have a high level of cultural consumption.



The contributing writers are people of competence in the various fields discussed. Scholars and researchers, capable of writing both accessible and entertaining prose for the wider public. These includes journalists and public figures- authors from the different publishing houses involved in the magazine and many more.



Each article is available in English and, when possible, in the original language. Topics are of general interest for Europeans and range from current debates to historical analysis and comparative essays on past and present issues in European countries. Current facts, whether on an international or national level, can be a springboard for writing within a more general theme and making suggestions for a new European policy. The contributions published in the magazine may also be in the form of an original interview or extracts from forthcoming books. The magazine also features photography and a ‘key figures’ section. 



The website commands are in English but it is possible to select another language (Spanish, French, German, Italian etc.) to visualise all content available in that language. There are a Facebook page and a Twitter account for international conversations.  Eutopia Magazine is optimized for tablets.

License: Articles in any language and any other content are accessible free. Authors contribute to the magazine with no fee. Their contributions are subject to a Creative Commons license which permits their reproduction but only if copied verbatim and for non-commercial purposes. In addition, credit to the author(s) and the source of the article must be included when reproduced.

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