Dear readers, despite our commitment, Eutopia Magazine is forced to suspend its publications due to a lack of funds. Our adventure comes to an end for the moment but we hope Eutopia’s journey will resume soon. All our articles will still be available for reading. Thank you for having supported Eutopia until now.

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By the end of next year, the Europe of the founding fathers may be a mere memory. Clouds are gathering over the most exceptional political invention of the modern era. It is no longer a case of catastrophism to imagine a European Union in 2017 without Great Britain, the end of the Schengen era, further violations of our shared values – as is already happening in Poland and Hungary – and nationalist hybris, the end of economic solidarity, the growth of centrifugal forces, menaces at the external borders, and the clampdown on refugees in a complete denial of the continent’s historical memory. The challenges are unfortunately very real.


The repeated warnings about the risk of the collapse of the European Union are no longer mere rhetoric. Since the beginning, the construction of the European Union has been based on a succession of crises. But the accumulation of those crises may well prove fatal, unless the ruling classes, as well as the political classes, rise to the challenge.


Eutopia is unfortunately unable to continue analysing such phenomena and to try – with new ideas and high-quality intellectual debate – to ward off the shadows that are looming over Europe.


When the magazine was born in April 2014, we already felt the urge to open up a space for debate, to plant the seeds of new thought, reopen up the discussion, and contribute to the emergence of a European public opinion. For two years, this online agora founded by four publishing houses (Editori Laterza in Italy, S. Fischer Verlag in Germany, Editions du Seuil in France and Galaxia Gutenberg in Spain) was exactly the place for debate and reflection that we had wished for: the embodiment of a common fate thanks to the passionate contributions of over three hundred intellectuals, artists, academics, researchers, and photographers.


From the welfare state to migration policy, from the borders of Europe to environmental, urban, and cultural challenges, even to the rethinking of the forms of democracy itself – we have encouraged reflection and mutual understanding, and tried to act as an intellectual and artistic point of reference, at the intersection of opinions. But our resources today prevent us from continuing along this road and force us to suspend publication. Despite the commitment of the publishing houses and academic partners (London School of Economics, Berlin WZB, Sciences Po Paris) involved, and the fundamental support of TIM in the launch of this publishing adventure, we are no longer able – for financial reasons – to keep the magazine alive.


We are working to do all we can to make sure this suspension is as short as possible. We will continue to meet with private and public, local and European actors to try and resume Eutopia’s journey as soon as we can, with the same firm conviction we have had since the beginning that, as Václac Havel said in what now seems like a very distant 1990 in Strasbourg, “Without dreaming of a better Europe we shall never build a better Europe”.   



Translated by Teresa O’Connell


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