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Ines Weller

Ines Weller is currently Professor at the University of Bremen, deputy chair of the Sustainability Research Center (artec) and coordinator of the research field “Sociotechnical Systems and Sustainability”. Her main research areas are: Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns, Sustainability and Gender, Gender and Technology, Social-Ecological Research. Among her publications are: Freizeit und Lebensqualität in der Postkonsumgesellschaft, in: Renate Freericks, Dieter Brinkmann (eds.), “Handbuch Freizeitsoziologie” (Wiesbaden, Springer VS 2015, 255–275); Nachhaltiger Konsum, Lebensstile und Geschlechterverhältnisse, in: Sabine Hofmeister, Christine Katz, Tanja Mölders (eds.), “Geschlechterverhältnisse und Nachhaltigkeit. Die Kategorie Geschlecht in den Nachhaltigkeitswissenschaften” (Opladen, Berlin, Toronto, Verlag Barbara Budrich 2013, 286–295); The green economy and consumption: gender just? Background Paper (edited by Green Economy: Gender_Gerecht, Berlin 2012).

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If the targets for global climate protection are to be met, current patterns of production and consumption must change dramatically. There is therefore an expectation that private consumers will play their part by behaving in a more climate-friendly way.