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David Cameron

Margaret Thatcher was a major political figure of the end of the Cold War era, who is still surrounded by much controversy today. There are two main reasons for this: she openly pursued an alternative vision of Europe at a time when federalism was still the dominant discourse; and she called for the liberalisation of the Eastern bloc, rather than its disintegration.
Now that Cameron has won Britain’s general election, he must fulfil his promise of negotiating reforms to the EU and then holding an in-or-out referendum before the end of 2017. Cameron has made it clear that he wants Britain to stay in a reformed EU, but it will be hard for him to achieve reforms, and very hard to win a referendum.
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The European Council's decision to appoint Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the European Commission might be thought in line with the normal rotation of EU leadership. Certainly some will try to portray it that way, pretending nothing has changed.

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In the UK Prime Minister David Cameron announced that the time of unemployment benefits has come to a change. No more benefits for British young people who do not agree to go to school or attend an apprenticeship course. Is this end of welfare? And what happens in the rest of Europe? Can a country like Italy, with all its specific social and political conditions, still transform the Utopia of unemployment benefits into a reality?