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Faced with the looming terrorist threat from the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS) attempts throughout Europe are being made to reclaim “our own identity.” While the whole conception of war between equal nation states is questioned in the era of international terrorism, the logic of national identity does seem to experience a comeback.
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Universal hospitality today is the triumph of the democratic paradigm: everyone is equal, and everyone is protected by the shield of the generous European democracy. In this picture, however, there is a limit: not all of Europe acts the same when it comes to the principle of hospitality.

Four years after Egyptians succeeded in ousting long time dictator Hosni Mubarak, many people, especially in Europe, seem to have lost hope in possible progress in Egypt and the entire Arab world.

The growing consensus that violent sanction of views considered aberrant or immoral is innate to Islamic revelation, ironically enough, mirrors the literalist intolerance of those that we condemn, and overlooks the fact that all religious doctrine contains elements of such intolerance, whether Christian, Judaic or Islamic, or even Hindu or Buddhist.
We republish RaiNews24's editorial by editor in chief Monica Maggioni in which she explains why the editorial board of RaiNews24 and chose to stop showing ISIS videos, because we believe that the issue of ISIS propaganda in Europe and through European media channels is worth attention and discussion as it is a relevant theme not only for those who work in broadcasting but for all European citizens.