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Ulrike Guérot

Ulrike Guérot is Founder and Director of the European Democracy Lab in Berlin at the European School of Governance in Berlin. She writes about European democracy and global Europe, has taught at renowned universities in Europe and the US and has 20 years experience in the European think tank community. Her last publications include: Res Publica Europaea. A citizens-based concept to re-think political integration of Europe, in: Guido Montani (Ed.), The European Union and Supranational Political Economy? (London, Routledge 2015); Die Französische Malaise: Wohin driftet Frankreich nach dem Terror? (8. Dezember 2015, Blätter für deutsche und internationale Politik); Von der Normalität über die Übermacht zur Ohnmacht? Betrachtungen zur deutschen Rolle in Europa (Dezember 2015, APuZ); Warum Europa eine Republik werden muss! – Eine politische Utopie (Berlin, Dietz Verlag, forthcoming, May 2016).

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In 1543 Andrés Laguna, a prominent physician, presented a Latin address in which he referred to a woman who had come to him for medical assistance: "A woman came to me who looked to be in a very bad way: she was weeping uncontrollably, sorrowful, pale, her arms and legs were injured, even beaten, her eyes were vacant, she was shockingly wasted." The woman was called Europa, and she told Laguna of her sufferings.